Nils Streedain

Creative from Portland, OR.

I make cool stuff and put it on the internet.

Follow me wherever.

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Nils Streedain


About Me

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Nils Streedain. I am a Student from Portland Oregon. I spend a lot of time working on open source projects from coding to 3D modeling. I am currently studying Computer Science with a focus on Cyber Security at Oregon State University.

🔭 I’m currently working on…

  • 📸 bereal-bypass - Site to upload custom images to BeReal, highlighting security implications of the platform.
  • 🔓 duo-bypass - Utility to generate DUO codes on 2FA apps other than the proprietary DUO Mobile app.
  • ☁️ cloud-c2-docker - Dockerized version of the Hak5 Cloud C2 server application.
  • 🏔️ happy-trails - Simple, privacy focused, open source hiking app for iOS.
  • And much more below!

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